03 November 2010

Beauty of Fall

On my normal workdays (Tu-Fr), I leave my apartment at approximately 7:25-7:35. As it turns out, that is also just before sunrise for this time of year, at least until the end of the week. I walked out of the building the other day to one of the most lovely sunrises I've seen since living here.

Isn't it lovely? There have been a lot like that lately, although this one was more orange-pink than some of the others. Also, I love my lake. I know I can't live here forever, but I am certainly going to appreciate it for as long as possible.

Another lovely part of fall is that my neighborhood starts to decorate for the various holidays, to very cute effect. Here's the corner where I used to get off the bus, back when I worked downtown:

Nice, right? They do a good job. I'll have to try and take a photo of the Christmas lights once they go up. Also, this is another excellent photo for Santini's bench series. Not quite public transportation, but it'll do.

Finally, to follow up on yesterday's post, it appears that the governor's race has yet to be decided. Really, Minnesota? We have to live through another recount? I'm not sure I want to do this again... On the other hand, it does look like it will once again turn out as I'd like it to, but still... Ugh.


Retired Professor said...

Beautiful sunrise!

Senior Cyclist said...

That sky looks like it is on fire. Amazing.

Retired Professor said...

Excellent bench photo, btw. A bench with a seasonally appropriate view.