06 November 2010

Driving Lessons

As some of you may already be aware, I have been giving my beloved cousin and former roommate some driving lessons. More specifically, how to drive using a manual transmission. Today was a scheduled lesson, and a beautiful day it was for it. First, we met at the Sole Cafe for some delicious Korean food.

From top to bottom, my beef bulgogi plus the traditional Korean side dishes, and Andy's jeyuk bokum, which is a spicy pork dish. It was all super delicious and the restaurant itself is super quirky - they have a giant TV playing some random Korean TV show on low volume over in one of the corners. It appeared to be some sort of fashion/makeover show the whole time we were there.

Andy started making his way home and P-Ster and I headed off for our driving lesson:

 The P-Ster, in Chad's driver's seat, all ready and raring to go.

Two of our favorite (and often encountered) intersections. Dellwood!

Kelsey, triumphant after the end of our lesson. Some excellent progress is being made - she even got going on a fairly steep uphill. I'm so proud! (Or something).

And now I'm off to enjoy a walk outside on this beautiful November day. I can't imagine we'll have many more of these left.

P.S. - In case it's not clear, Chad is the name of my car.


Senior Cyclist said...

Tasty looking food.

Cousins having fun driving. Reminds me of the Tram's.

Di said...

yummy food. When I learned to drive a stick, my dad took me to the largest hill with a light. We were half way up when I had to stop and he said "you better not roll backwards". I am so grateful because now I never worry. Although I drive an automatic it is a skill everyone needs. Ever watch Amazing Race, there is always someone who can't drive a stick!