28 November 2010

End of a Long Weekend: Lazy Sunday

It's the end of a four day weekend and I have to admit, I was not motivated to do much of anything today either. It's kinda cold and windy outside and it just seemed like a better idea to sit at home and relax. That's what weekends are for, right? Here are the two most pressing things I had to do today:

I have not quite finished the crossword yet, but it's getting there. Just a few pesky clues left. I may have to resort to Google.

In the meantime, this was lunch:

Quiche with broccoli, bacon, onions, and plenty of cheese. Super delicious, and it will make excellent leftovers for lunches this week. Yum. And for the first time since Thursday, I have not yet eaten any leftover turkey. I thought about putting some in the quiche but just didn't quite get there. I think I'll skip it for dinner too - I deserve a day off from leftovers.

This week promises to be busy as most of the people I work with worldwide did not realize that Thursday and Friday were not work days for me. So I should have a nice backlog of things to take care of when I get in to the office tomorrow. But for now, I am going to continue to be lazy and take full advantage of the rest of the weekend.

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Mom said...

Enjoy your laziness. That quiche looks EXTREMELY delicious! (I am a bit hungry, but still . . .)