13 November 2010

The First Snowfall

I just walked in the door from moving my car, because the city of Minneapolis has declared the first Snow Emergency of the season. Fitting that it came during the very first snowstorm of the year, or Snownami as Andy has been calling it today. We woke up this morning to a steady stream of wet, heavy flakes and it pretty much hasn't let up since then. I realize my blogging compatriots have all mentioned it already, but seriously, it's a snowpacalypse out there. Here now, some photographic proof:

Downtown Minneapolis at about 10am. It was really coming down. 

The trees lining the lake. I like how the snow was sticking to the bark.

My front steps. The tree there is getting pretty weighted down.

More trees - plus you can see how hard it's snowing in this one.

I'm camping out inside and finding reasons to turn on the oven so it stays nice and toasty in here. First up is the famous cranberry bread, and then for dinner I am going to make a somewhat tweaked version of this squash recipe. I think we'll survive the storm.

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santini said...

I take it you didn't lose your power, at least. Have fun baking.