18 November 2010

Happy Birthday to TJ

Apparently one of the small loud ones (formerly, now a COTU) has a birthday today, if sources around the Intertubes are to be believed? Last year he was immortalized on my blog with an epic YouTube clip which heavily featured the Tunnel Park sand dune. This year, I just want to say, "Happy Birhday, TJ! I hope it's a good time."

Today is going to be a JBAB kind of day, I feel. Work days are hard - I don't do much besides go to the office, come home, have dinner, and then some TV and sleep. Not too exciting, really. So instead, a few more photo highlights from my most recent trip to Paris:

GIANT baguette.

 Little, tiny beer bottles.

The arch outside the Louvre, which lines up perfectly with the Arc de Triomphe.

More tomorrow, I promise, before I go see the new Harry Potter movie. Harry Potter, yay!


Gino said...

I red heart France.

Jimi said...

I recognize the apartment with the "watch your head" stairs. Nice photos.

santini said...

Thanks for the birthday message to TJ. He'll love the attention!