19 November 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part 1

I was about to leave to meet some friends for drinks before our showing of HP7 at 10:30 and realized I had almost forgotten to blog! Horrors! So, since I am extremely pressed for time, I present a highlight reel of photos featured on this blog since it's inception:

Bonus points to any of my readers who can identify all of the photos.


Mom said...

Ok, here is my guess (in order from the top):
Chicago (and Andy), The cows on the farm campus, the State Fair, leaf pile 2009, Outing in Mpls with Andy (?), Nevada, Twins Stadium, Voting place, Leaf pile 2010, sunrise on Lake Harriet, and dad/grandpa at 90.
How did I do? How was the movie?!

Retired Professor said...

OSLO and TJ are going to the new Harry Potter movie tonight with their other Grandmother. I hope it is a good one.