10 November 2010

Midtown Global Market

Since tomorrow is a government holiday and Andy does not have to work, we decided to have dinner over on my side of town. That gives him plenty of time to get home in his now car-less state. Anyway, he took the bus after work and I met him at the Midtown Global Market

It's in the ground floor adjacent to the Midtown Exchange building. There are a bunch of international restaurants, hence the name. There are also a few gift shops, a grocery, and a branch of the Holy Land Deli. It's a fun set-up and we should really make it over there more often. It's not like it's that far away.

In any case, I had a lovely Vietnamese noodle salad from the Pham Deli, and then picked up some yummy pastries from the Salty Tart bakery. Definitely worth a trip back.

We were done with dinner etc by 7:00 and it was finally, 100% completely DARK outside. In fact, it had been dark out when I was driving over at 5:30ish. BOO! Is there somewhere I can lodge a formal complaint? I know we have daylight savings time every year, but every year it is just such a bummer...

More tomorrow - I'll try to have my own photos next time!


Gino said...

So very, very dark.

Senior Cyclist said...

It's dark at noon, I swear. It feels like twilight all day long.

Salty Tart is an interesting name.