26 November 2010

MN Wild

Did today feel like Saturday to anyone else? Just me then? Ok. In any case, it was nice to have another day off work. Long weekends should come around more often.

After a morning trip to the gym to try and work off some of that turkey and pie from yesterday, Andy and I headed to the Xcel Center to see the MN Wild play the Nashville Predators (side note: Nashville has a hockey team? What?). We got some free tickets courtesy of his dad. Here's the view:

Pre-warm ups.

The two teams warming up before the game.

Let's Play Hockey!

The Wild were winning extremely convincingly after two periods, and the hockey was kind of boring, so we begged off after only two periods. But it was super fun to see hockey live - it is way more faced paced in real life relative to what it looks like on TV. The rest of the day has been devoted to not going shopping and eating some more leftovers. An excellent non-work day, as extra days off go.

Finally, I've posted the rest of my thanksgiving photos on Flickr. You can find them here.

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Retired Professor said...

You tundra dwellers do like your hockey. Did you wear warm boots?