29 November 2010

Out & About with the Grandparents

My grandpa had a bunch of routine check-up appointments at the VA hospital today (it's an annual thing, apparently), which my mom was kind enough to chauffeur him to. Since they were going to be back around dinner time, I decided that I'd meet them + my grandma for some dinner after I got done with work. We headed to Kimson, a local Vietnamese restaurant that my grandma particularly enjoys. Here are my dinner companions:

After dinner we headed on over to G & G's house for a few rousing rounds of Bananagrams.

Have you played this game at all? It is sort of like Scrabble, except each player is working independently and creating their own matrix of words. I won quite a few rounds, and here are two examples:

It was a lovely evening with family. I don't see my grandparents enough - I should really head over there more often. They are the only grandparents I've ever known, after all, and they unfortunately won't be around forever.

So tomorrow is the last day of this NaBloPoMo nonsense... Is everyone excited? I may have to go one day over because this post marks my 98th for this blog. For the fellow number enthusiasts in the family, you can see why it would be hard to stop

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Retired Professor said...

That's a nice family moment.

Numbers exert that same pull on many of your readers. Not everyone feels it -- I wonder why that is.

I wonder if February is available for NaBloPoMo? 28 days instead of 30?