20 November 2010

Photo Quiz

For anyone that is interested, the new Harry Potter movie was absolutely fantastic. I was holding my breath in parts of it, much to the amusement of my friends sitting nearby. However, it won't make much sense unless you're a fan. Which I am, and I plan to go see it at least one more time in theaters. And then wait impatiently for Part 2 to come out in July. The only flaw in the movie plan? Since it started at 10:30, I did not get to sleep last night until 2:00am. I think I'm getting to be not quite young enough to stay up that late on a day when I wake up at 6:30am.

Today has been a little rough as a result of all that sleep deprivation. However, Maren, Jake, and I rewarded ourselves for our HP dedication by meeting Andy for brunch this morning. Here's what was left of my tex-mex plate after I absolutely, positively could not eat anymore:

And here's Andy, looking somewhat scruffy. Which he claims is by my request, but I'm pretty sure that's not actually true. Maybe he's decided to put in a last ditch effort towards Movember?

In any case, Brunch was fantastic and left me not really needing to eat anything else until dinner. Which was sort of the plan. :-)

Also relevant to yesterday's post: Here, in order, are the answers to yesterday's photo quiz:

Chicago Skyline, July 2009. A trip with Andy.
Cows! At the U of MN St. Paul Campus
Howard, a penguin I won at the MN State Fair in 2009
The Great Leaf Pile, 2009
Montreal, Old Town, April 2009. Another trip with Andy.
Mt. Zion National Park, Utah. Part of my trip to Las Vegas, January 2010
Target Field, my first game. April 2010
Lake Harriet Spritual Community weirdness.
The Great Leaf Pile, 2010
Sunrise over Lake Harriet, October 2010
Grandpa's 90th Bday Party, November 2010

How'd you do?


santini said...

You may not be young enough to stay up until 2:00 then get up at 6:30, but you're still young enough to eat Tex-Mex.

Gino said...

I red heart photo quizzes.