17 November 2010

Raspberry Tart: Dinner Party

I am happy to report that the raspberry tart was a huge success at the dinner party this evening! Laurent (my former professor) had all of us over to this house and prepared some fantastic carrot/ginger soup, and a lentil/tomato/goat cheese entrĂ©e. Here are some photos of the lovely evening:

The group, enjoying our main course. 

The lentil salad with goat cheese. Yum!

 The extremely stereotypical and also delicious cheese plate.

Enjoy the dessert. :-)

We ate more than half of it!

My portion, with an added bit of whipped cream.

It was good to see them all again - we are going to try to make these a more regular thing. I'll have to come up with more delicious desserts. Although at the very least, I can always make my grandma's apple crisp.  

1 comment:

Retired Professor said...

Excellent food photography. My mouth is watering. (Except for the goat cheese thing.)