08 November 2010

Refections on the weekend

As reported elsewhere, we have been having unseasonably warm weather up here in the Star of the North. Andy and I took advantage this weekend and went for a walk from his house down to downtown St. Paul for some coffee. It entailed walking down a LOT of stairs right next to the James J. Hill house. Here are said stairs:

For those of you who like to keep track of that sort of thing, it was 137 steps from top to bottom. We passed some people who were running UP the stairs. It looked like it was something they did a lot, as they didn't seem to be working nearly as hard as I would have been.

There is then a short bridge over 35W and then you come to this:

More stairs! There are 50 of them from the bridge down to the campus of United Hospital. After some lazy time spent reading the paper at the coffee shop, we walked all the way back up. It was a perfect day for it.

That's 187 steps one way - someone who likes stairs should really go over there and enjoy them.


Mom said...

I can't wait!
Thanks, Sweetie.

Senior Cyclist said...

Stairs. I sense a new theme.