24 November 2010

Thanksgiving Prep

My company decided to close our office today at 1:00pm, a welcome early start to the long Thanksgiving weekend. Plus, it meant I could drive over to my parents' house well before the snow storm started. And in a perfect twist of fate, the first snow flakes started to fall just as I walked in their door.

Tonight's activities were dedicated to prep for the big meal tomorrow. First, my dad made some pies:

Then my mom and I started the annual cranberry bread making ritual. Mom chopped cranberries while I assembled the rest of the ingredients. You can find the recipe here, and some photos below.

Did I mention that we make a double batch for Turkey Day? We love having lots left over to snack on for a few days. It just gets better with time.

Coming up tomorrow: I will be in charge of the turkey. We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

santini said...

Excellent prep work. The bread looks awesome.

Sara Lee? (Oslo is bringing Russ' pumpkin pie here.)

In charge of the turkey????? I can't get OSLO anywhere near a raw turkey. Good luck.