25 November 2010

Turkey Day

As promised, my dad put me fully in charge of the turkey today. He was acting solely in a mentoring capacity. Here now, a photo montage.

So I think it turned out pretty well, don't you?  It certainly tasted good, but I'm the cook so I'm not supposed to pass the final judgement. I'll leave that up to my readers who were in attendance. Speaking of, here's a few more photos:

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all. I am thankful for each and every one of my wonderful family and friends. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Try not to go too crazy out shopping tomorrow.


Senior Cyclist said...

Good job with the turkey. It looks perfect!

Self-timer, I assume? It looks like everyone was having fun. Love the smiling faces.

Anne said...

wow it must of been stressful being in charge of the turkey. We had a successful Thanksgiving at this Elvecrog house we just had a nice dinner and played some games.

Mom said...

Yikes, I forgot to attest as a reader in attendance to the excellent taste of the turkey! It was perfectly cooked and enjoyed by all.