12 December 2010

Blizzard 2010: The Day After

I woke up this morning to clear blue skies and absolutely freezing temps. I think there was no actual temperature the first time I checked and then it got one degree COLDER. But at least it wasn't snowing anymore. After a delicious breakfast and some hot tea, I bundled up and ventured out to check out the results of the most recent snowpocalypse.

I guess that yellow VW Beetle made it out somehow. I don't see it here, so either the owner performed a miracle or the City of St. Paul towed it away. Note that the sidewalk is only cleared to the edge of Andy's building. Sidewalk shoveling is the responsibility of the adjacent home/building owners, so I don't blame them for only going that far.

So much for that path to the street that someone went to all that trouble to clear out yesterday. I can see that the snow plow made quick work of it.

No one had yet cleared a path through this drift to the street. The sidewalk just sort of... stops. I had boots, it was OK. But they'll have to get to that eventually. But I imagine that for the time being, they have more pressing concerns.

They did finally plow a path between Andy's building and the parking lot. But I can see that none of his neighbors have yet made any efforts to un-bury their cars. Not that I blame them - who wants to do that in sub-zero weather if it's not absolutely necessary?

This guy only barely made it into the parking lot before giving up. Then the plow moved in behind him and he is now thoroughly stuck and will need a team of people with shovels to get out, I think. Here's the view at the front of that car:

Another good reason why Andy's neighbors had not yet bothered to shovel out their cars. Where were they going to go, after all?

As for me, this is the view from where my car was parked for the weekend:
A little bit of snow, but absolutely nothing compared to out on the street. And here's Chad:

No snow anywhere to be seen at 3 or so this afternoon. Andy is a genius. I was all set to blog that this was the best $10 that I ever spent, but then an amazing thing happened. Andy and I drove to the exit to the parking garage and there was no attendant on duty, and the gate just opened on a sensor as soon as I drove up to it. So it turns out that parking in the ramp cost me absolutely nothing at all. Brilliant!

Parking in both of the Twin Cities continues to be a complete disaster as they deal with the sheer amount of snow and number of cars that must park on the street, so I have retreated to the suburbs where my parents have ample space in their driveway. I'll hunker down here for the night and hopefully the freeways will be clear for my drive to work around 9:00am tomorrow.

How was everyone else's weekend?


Mom said...

Well, my weekend was very low key except for the hockey game. And we had a really fun overnight guest last night!
Great photos--especially the one of all the cars lined up in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...
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