11 December 2010

December Blizzard 2010

One of the local weather guys predicted that the snowstorm we are currently in the middle of would rival the Halloween Blizzard of '91. As I park on the street and am subject to snow emergency plowing/parking rules, some advance planning was required. After many phone calls and theorizing, I took Andy's suggestion and decided to park my car in a parking ramp in downtown St. Paul and hunker down at Andy's apartment for the weekend. As it turns out, this was a brilliant plan:

Andy and I ventured out to try and go to the gym - it's across the street from his apartment. Those are our footprints you see on the far right of the second to last photo. We waded through knee high drifts to find the gym open! However, 15 minutes after we got they, they walked around telling everyone that they were closing. Oh well, points for effort, I guess? After coming back through the knee high drifts, I took some of these photos. We are now once more safely ensconced indoors. We have plenty of food, beer, wine, and movies, so I think we'll stay. I just read that they've closed the airport completely for the first time in YEARS and Metro Transit has suspended all bus service. Even if we wanted to go somewhere, I don't think we'd get far.

This post marks my 100th on blogger, according to the screen on my Dashboard page. The blizzard seemed like the perfect subject with which to mark the occasion. Good luck out there to my fellow Minnesotans - stay safe!

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Retired Professor said...

Really great photos -- they capture the feeling of a winter storm in the city pretty well. The blankets of snow over the cars are startling evidence of just how buried you guys were by the snow storm. It sounds to me as though hunkering down at Andy's and storing your car for the duration was a wise plan. Stay safe.