28 May 2011

Not Paris, but still pretty good

In an effort to ward off jet-lag related lethargy this morning, I decided to get up off the comfy couch and walk on over to the brand new Fulton Farmer's Market. It's a gorgeous day out there, after all, so it seemed a shame to waste it, even if the French Open is on TV.

I am really glad I decided to head out. Some highlights of my walk (note: these photos were taken with my shiny new cell phone. It takes nicer photos than my first digital camera):
Fulton street
A lovely street on my walk. I LOVE all the trees.

Southwest High School
Southwest High School

Finally, I arrived at the market. It's small, and it's a bit too early for any good veggies or fruits, but there was still a pretty decent crowd:

Fulton Farmers Market

I picked up some potato/flax bread from Sun Street Breads and some sheep's milk Camembert. I plan to enjoy both of them as my lunch. :-)

It was only about a 15-20 minute walk over to the market, but I am SO glad I got out to enjoy the day. It was pleasantly warm-ish with some beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Clearly, I brought this weather back with me from Paris. On my way home, a stop by the lake seemed appropriate:

Lake Harriet
I still can't believe sometimes that this is so close to my apartment. Lake!

Finally, the caretaker of my building has been hard at work on the flower pots out front:

Flower pots
Aren't they lovely?

And now, some French Open on TV and a yummy lunch in a bit. So looking forward to two more days of weekend after this.


Senior Cyclist said...

There's a new farmers market here, too -- at the fairgrounds. I haven't tried it yet. Your lunch sounds good. Glad you got home safely.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy birthday cousin. I hope someday I can go to Paris too. Glad to see you get some summer.