20 May 2011

Paris 2011: Day 2

We had grand plans to get up early this morning and attack the day with a trip the Eiffel Tower, to hopefully avoid any crazy long lines. Sadly, our bodies all decided that catching up on sleep after our long trip was a much higher priority. Instead, we woke up at 8:30 and had a much more leisurely breakfast. We did, however, eventually make it to the tower:

It's been a long time since I went all the way up the tower. I forgot how cool it is up there.  But wow, are there some serious lines. First you wait to buy your ticket (UGH!), then wait to get into the elevator. After checking out the 2ieme etage, there is another line for the elevators to the very top. And then a line to get back down. You see what I mean? So aside from the time we spent waiting (and waiting) in line, it was an excellent experience.

From there, we took the short-ish walk over to the Hotel des Invalides to check out Napolean's tomb:

He was not kidding around, apparently. Seems like an awfully big box for such a short human being, but then again I also didn't crown myself emperor. We then headed over to Montmarte and had lunch at this delicious place: Le Relais Gascon. We all had one of the Salades Geantes and they are AMAZING! I think I'll have to go back there every time I go to Paris. Yum! Then, of course, we had to check out Sacre Coeur:

The hill was fun to climb but we were all pretty much done after that. We had enough energy and time for the Dali Museum, but now we're back home, enjoying some cheese, bread, and a little sit down. It's excellent, and it's also another beautiful day in Paris.


Mom said...

So cool. I remember those spots fondly. Enjoy your sit down and the rest of the day.

Gino said...

Hmmmm, does that mean giant salad?

Daughter of Norway said...

Drink a cafe latte for me! Those are to live for!!