21 May 2011

Paris 2011: Day 3

I am happy to say that we all slept much, much better last night and are feeling much less jet-lagged today. After waking up around 7:30 or so, I ran a quick errand to the nearest bakery for some croissants, a pain au chocolat, and a chausson des pommes. Oh, and a baguette. All for less than the 6 euro that Andy had given me. Score! I took them back to the apartment and they were all still warm for our breakfast. Yum!

After the delicious start to the day, we started a trip down to the vicinity of Montparnasse to see the Catacombs. We had a brief stop near Chatelet-Les Halles for a lovely cafe creme, facing the Fountain of the Innocents.From there, a straight shot on the RER to the Catacombs, where we had to wait in a not insignificant line to get in. But once in... wow. I had already been once but I forgot how creepy and impressive it is. And a nice walk, although it was a bit damp down there.

From the catacombs, we wandered down the Grande Boulevarde to the Jardin de Luxembourg:

Fountain at Luxembourg

Jardin de Luxembourg: Trees

Fountain des Medicis

More photos, as always, on my Flickr page. From there, to the Latin Quarter we went to have lunch at my Dad's favorite Greek place. So, so yummy, and they have apparently opened another outpost just down the block.

We then split up as Andy and I wanted to go to the Musee d'Orsay. I always enjoy the sculptures in the courtyard:

Statues: Musee d'Orsay

As you can see, another beautiful day in Paris. The Musee d'Orsay was PACKED, particularly due to the ongoing renovations. And, my polar bear was not there! I was so disappointed! But the rest of the art is still amazing, so there's that. And I think Andy really enjoyed it. Now we're at home, having met back up with Andy's mom and brother after their adventures on the Champs Elysees. We'll be leaving shortly for dinner at Chez Omar, another one of my favorites. Tomorrow: Katherine is coming up from Bordeaux and everyone else is headed out to Versailles. Yay!


Mom said...

Wow, great photos and another wonderful day in Paris! I hope you enjoy your dinner and please say hello to Katherine for me tomorrow.

Retired Professor said...

Who ate the pain au chocolat?

Lovely photos. I'm glad you're having fun -- the weather looks spectacular.

Emily said...

RP: The weather IS spectacular; 70ish and sunny each day.

Andy had the pain au chocolat, as he doesn't like/eat apples. I'll have one tomorrow. :-)