23 May 2011

Paris 2011: Day 5

Any day that starts with this is going to be a good day:

Cafe au lait
A cafe au lait at the local brasserie.

From there, Andy wanted to experience the RER A line, since it is apparently the most traveled rapid transit line in the western world (or, outside Tokyo), so we walked over to Chatelet and hopped on. Our destination:

La Grande Arche, from below.
It really is a grand arch.

After that, Andy and I headed off to the Champs-Elysees while his mom went off for her second trip to the Louvre. We saw the usual Champs-Elysees sites, including another Arch for our trouble:

Arc de Triomphe
This one is actually an Arc, technically.

We meandered our way down, checking out the Peugeot store (NICE pepper mills, oh and I suppose they also make cars?), the menus at McDonald's and Quick, and the Virgin Megastore. It was a lovely walk on another perfect day in Paris. Next was lunch - we stopped at Monoprix for some cheese and various other yummy french foods (Rillette, anyone?) and lunched at the apartment and had a little mid-day sit-down. We thought perhaps we'd meet up with his mom again but no luck.

Our afternoon was spent in pursuit of a Metro themed t-shirt for Andy at Galeries Lafayette (no luck, boo!). En route, some more excellent Paris sites:

Opera House
L'Opera, the nice one.

The MadeleineThis is one of my favorite buildings in Paris. Not sure why.

We also went to a store that ONLY sells mustard. Oh France, so silly. We did not buy any mustard, but quite a lot of the quirky flavors were very tempting. Now we are at home, chilling out and watching the French Open a bit (the TV graphics and silly TV personalities are unchanged), waiting for dinner time. I think a brasserie may be calling our name.

Tomorrow: a morning train to Strasbourg. Yay!


Mom said...

Galeries Lafayette! L'Opera! And another beautiful, sunny day in Paris. Thanks for the call and the great post and have a wonderful time in Strasbourg tomorrow.

mom said...

5 years later I still love this post. Paris, ahh. . .