03 July 2011

Long Weekend

I don't know about all of you out there but, for me, this is the first weekend where it's actually felt like summer all the way through. It's not just me, right? Appropriate for the 4th of July, I suppose.

My weekend got off to an excellent start:

It seems Andy finally got the hint about flowers. :-) It only took three or more years. But still - aren't they nice? That was actually Thursday night, but as Friday was only a half day, I am going to count that as the start to my weekend. After said half day, and Andy's unexpected day off due to complete governmental incompetence, we decided to make the most of it. Happy Hour was enjoyed at the new Kieran's, and we had some super yummy Ethiopian food at Fasika.  It's a total hole in the wall off the intersection of University and Snelling, but I can't recommend it enough.

Saturday was also OOTNDITHOD (tm Gino), so I enjoyed my neighborhood and did EPIC amounts of laundry while Andy enjoyed his bike ride. Seriously, it was super nice, so I walked around the neighborhood and/or sat outside while waiting for clothes to dry. I love my neighborhood, have I mentioned?

Today is once again a beautiful day to be in Minnesota. After a morning of helping his friend move, Andy and I met up for lunch, then headed over to a place full of childhood nostalgia, at least for Andy:

Regular readers of GZMoohoo will note that this is near the super-creatively named Marydale park. They do indeed have 20+ different flavors of soft serve. I tried Mango last time, I think? It was delicious. This time we split a raspberry shake, also delicious, and perfect for a hot summer day like this one. Ice cream was followed up by a stroll through our potential new neighborhood, and a movie at one of my favorite theaters in town, which is within blocks of the potential new place:

They show slightly off-the-beaten-track type movies, as opposed to huge blockbusters. It's a great old theater. Tomorrow is, of course, the 4th of July and since the government of MN didn't pass a budget, we can't go to our usual horse races. Without a government there is no one to regulate the gambling you see. So instead, GZMoohoo and GRider are having us over for hot dogs etc. on the grill. I hear talk that we may even get to play ladder ball. Seems an adequate and no less fun alternative activity.

P.S. - Turns out mine were also right where I left them:


Mom said...

An EXCELLENT post, with lots of interesting content and great pictures. Yay flowers (so pretty) and yay Livestrong Santini!!
Summer has arrived at last (and seems here to stay for a while).

Retired Professor said...

All sorts of nice little nuggets. "Potential new place" sounds like you're considering leaving your current place, which I know you love.

Solidarity rocks.

Enjoy the tube steaks.