04 July 2011

Out for a Walk

I am at Andy's today and he wanted to go for a bike ride this morning. Since my bike is at my house, I decided to follow the example of my older/wiser relatives and take a nice walk. Photo highlights below:

St. Paul Cathedral

MN History Center, now idle due to the government shutdown.

Some statuary near the grounds of the Capitol.

The MN Capitol building, now closed to the public.

The Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul, photographed from Rice Park.

The James J. Hill house (also closed), at the top of the 188 steps I climbed on my way home.

It was just a little bit too hot, but fortunately the downtown Walgreen's was open so I stopped for some water half way through my walk. There were not very many cars or pedestrians out and about so it was nice to feel alone in a big city for a bit.

We're off to the festivities chez Gzmoohoo and GRider shortly. I for one am looking forward to some hot dogs. Happy Fourth, all! 


Mom said...

188 steps--fun! Thanks for counting and for sharing the beautiful pictures. I especially like the one of Landmark Center. And thanks for coming over today (and bringing Andy) for hot dogs (and much more. I am still full). No gambling on horses, but fun conversation and ladder ball!

Retired Professor said...

Lovely walking tour. Plus it is good for your bones. It looks like it was a pretty nice day in MN.