07 August 2011

Coast Guard Festival & Tunnel Park

After some morning rain yesterday, it cleared right up as thought we'd planned it, so the formerly small loud ones, Nancy, and I headed on down to the Coast Guard Festival in downtown Grand Haven. It was HOT but nice to walk around and see the sights. We checked out the craft fair, had some mini donuts, and then headed to the main attraction, the ships:

There was an even bigger one moored directly to the left of the photo, but it was hard to get a satisfactory picture of it. This one, though, came all the way from Duluth, MN. That's a long trip.

The Coast Guard Fest also had a selection of cheesy arcade/carny type games, including my all time favorite with the golf balls and the horse race. We won a prize:

He's a little lopsided, but mostly adorable. And sitting in the chair of power. An enviable position, to be sure. After a late night watching some bands play and getting some diner food with Nancy and friends, we woke up to yet more drizzling. Boo. Nikki decided cookie baking was therefore in order:

But, just like yesterday, it cleared right up, so we headed out for the always fun and extremely traditional walk over to Tunnel Park. Sylvia has pictures with actual people in them on her blog. Mine are of the scenery:

It's good to be back in Michigan again. I don't know why I stayed away so long.

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Mom said...

Thanks for the great post and pictures of the scenery. You look so happy (and cute) in Sylvia's pictures. I'm glad the weather turned nice both days. We have had so many wonderful times there, haven't we? I must remember to thank the owners!