06 August 2011

Michigan 2011

In the last 6 days, I have worked 57 hours both prepping our meeting for work, and then actually attending and working at the meeting. We have a new boat and it's very exciting:

Cool boat or not, that's too many hours. Fortunately, it was over yesterday at 3 and I started my drive to Holland. As soon as I turned off of I-196 at the Walgreen's over there, everything began to look very familiar. Such is the case here at the beach house:

Granted, not quite everything is the same:

It's good to be here, if only for just the weekend. It is an amazingly great lake out there.

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Mom said...

Is that an elevator?! Did you have fun in Grand Haven? Do you really have to go back to work on Monday?! Mothers have many question.
You are the greatest and I hope you are having a wonderful time after working all those hours.
Miss you.