09 October 2011

Welcome to St. Paul

So wow, what happened to September? Wasn't I just blogging from Michigan and it was prime blueberry season? Since then, in bullet points:
  • My work meetings wrapped up well. But it was a LONG time to not be home.
  • Andy and I did some camping. Turns out we will be carrying out my childhood traditions, as we both really, really enjoy it.
  • I had my 10 year high school reunion. I was on the planning committee and it turned out really well. Nye's Polonaise was the perfect venue and everyone had a great time. And we all went home with gift certificates good for free pie. Who doesn't like pie?
Finally, the day after the reunion, I moved into the new apartment that Andy and I are now sharing. (YAY!) As of right about, more than a month later, it's finally starting to look like home. Plus, it's in St. Paul, not too far from the big new house (Sandford readers know what I mean), which makes my Dad very happy. Here are some photos:

The living room. That ancient desk on the right belongs to my friend Sarah, the previous tenant. Thanks, Sarah! And that's our office chair, Fuego.

Dining room 1, showing our bookcases. We picked that small one up today at the local antique mall, just down the street.

Dining room 2.... that seemed like a good place for the nice bikes. We have 3 additional bikes in the garage.

Kitchen. Of note: DISHWASHER! Oh, how I've missed having a dishwasher. I HATE dishes.

Oh also, as you may have seen elsewhere, Andy and I got a kitten yesterday. Meet Calvin:

He really, really loves that mouse toy. Hopefully that means we won't have any actual mice in the apartment.

Ok, that's about it. Now that I'm all settled and life is going to less crazy, I hope to blog more often. We'll see how that goes. 


Mom said...

The new bookshelf is perfect. I saw you two on the way to the antique store after meeting Calvin. I was hoping you would luck out and find what you wanted.
Speaking of Calvin . . . SO cute!!

Gino said...

Actual cat?

No actual mice, pretty much guaranteed.

Santini said...

Thanks for the tour of your new place. (I really like your dishes, by the way.) Very creative use of space in your dining room, too. I've thought for a long time that a nice bicycle is a work of art.