10 November 2011

Bicycle Storage

Since two of my cohorts in this blogging experiment spent some time recently talking about their bicycle storage systems/arrangement and what have you, it is apparently an entirely bloggable subject. Woo! One more thing I can talk about to get through this whole entire month of blogging thing... I brought this on myself, really.

First, our gear (with some bonus kitten-related paraphernalia):

We started out with two of these but our gear required more storage space.

And now, the bikes:

The two nice ones are inside posing as decorations.

And the other 3 not-as-nice ones are in the garage. I love our garage.

Our neighbor has taken on a more restrained approach:

And now, gratuitous kitten photo of the day:


Mom said...

I like the line "The two nice ones are inside posing as decorations" and you and Calvin are SO adorable!
But what are those 2 weird things hanging on the wall by the light switch? (Just curious, not meaning to be mean.)
Nice post. Aren't garages great?!

Retired Professor said...

Great bikey post! I, for one, am always interested in how other people handle bike and bike gear storage issues.

Nice bikes.

Emily said...

Mom - Those weird thing are our keys, hanging on hooks. It's the easiest way to NOT lose them. :-)