21 November 2011

Cat Ownership 101

First rule of cat-ownership: When coming in the front door of the apartment, watch out for the cat. He will be sitting in this chair, excited to see you and wanting to escape into the unknown lands of the hallway:

Second rule of cat-ownership: Don't leave your shoes out by the door. Shoelaces are one of his favorite toys, and I prefer mine un-shredded:

Final rule: Don't pretend to know what they are thinking. Here he is, pretending not to care that I'm sitting in his favorite chair. Don't worry, he's about to attack my feet:


Retired Professor said...

I like your rug.

I will be short of dessert plates this week. How are your salad/luncheon plates?

Mom said...

Very well-written and entertaining post. And 3 pictures of Calvin!