28 November 2011

Cat Ownership Vol. 3

A final tip for this month of blogging: Toys can (and do) come in all shapes and sizes - paper bags, felt covered mice, the greatest cat toy ever (seriously, those plastic things are awesome)... but never, ever underestimate the appeal of a bright red dot:

We love our kitten, can you tell?


Mom said...

Fun. Could you make him go around in circles? (Maybe that wouldn't be nice.) I miss Calvin. I must stop by sometime this week to deliver the Stieg Larsson books and pick up the sequel to Hunger Games. Oh, of course it would be very nice to see you and Andy also!

Santini said...

Before laser pointers were invented we used to tie stuff to a string to whip around to torment the cat. She loved it. What would you have done this month without Calvin for blogging material? He's a cutie.