03 November 2011

Cooking Adventures: Tofu

I think I'll start right off with the promised daily kitten photo. Here's Calvin, playing with one of his favorite toys:

Yep, a paper grocery bag. Cats are so easy to please.

And now, back to the title of the post. Kelsey cooks often with tofu, and I've had a tofu dish at Mirror of Korea that I absolutely ADORE, so it seemed like I should give it another shot as a home-cooked sort of thing. With all that in mind, I found a recipe online that looked similar to the MoK dish and gave it a shot. After a few tweaks, this is what I ended up with:

Here's the recipe if anyone is interested: Seasoned Tofu.

Serve with these and some rice and you're all set.

It's still not quite the same as the MoK dish, but it's getting there. It was definitely a really satisfying dinner. A little salty, perhaps, but yummy. 

I have a bunch of paid time off to use up at work before the end of the year (or they'll take it away), so I've got tomorrow off. Calvin has a vet appointment (vaccine booster - not his favorite) and then I am headed over to my grandparents' to have lunch with them and my mom and play some cards. Should be a really nice day.


Jimi said...

Yum, tofu. I think I may have had that dish at Mirror of Korea.

Mom said...

Yuk, tofu. Although I think I did enjoy that dish at Mirror of Korea.
Sammy had so much fun with paper bags, too. Aren't kitties fun?!

Santini said...

Good for you for giving it a try. I checked out the recipe link, and it looks good enough to eat.