14 November 2011

Flickr: All Time Most Viewed

I find myself extremely uninspired today for some reason so, though it seems a bit early in November for a photo montage, I present to you today my 3 All-Time Most Viewed photos from my Flickr site:

The mini golf photo was the front runner for quite some time, only to be unseated by the Sahara Casino after it closed. The popularity of the mini-golf photo continues to perplex me.


formerly employed said...

It's hard having to blog while also having a job.

Mom said...

I find both the Sahara and the mini-golf shot perplexing, but the third photo is a mystery. Could it be the building of the new Twin's stadium?
Where's Calvin?

Santini said...

I agree with 'formerly employed.'

I love the mini-golf photo. PP, UH, and the SLO's (currently known as the COTU). Flikr also has a category for 'most interesting.' Now those choice totally baffle me.

Anonymous said...

It is because of the awesomeness of UH's competitive stance. It will no doubt throw PP off of her game.