18 November 2011

Happy Hour

At work, we have a colleague from our factory in Michigan visiting us over the weekend - I picked him up at the airport this morning. He is one of the friendliest, most enthusiastic people I work with, so it's been fun to see him. We had a happy hour after work with our department, which turned into dinner, which turned into just sitting around chatting about all sorts of stuff. All this to say: I just got home and don't have a lot of bloggable material this evening. Instead, I offer you yet another adorable Calvin photo. He really does love sitting in the sink:

I think it's because it puts him almost at the same level as us. Plus, the faucet is FASCINATING. He likes to try and catch the drips as they fall. It's hilariously cute.

1 comment:

Santini said...

Ah, life does intervene. It's the reason blogging every day is nearly as hard as biking every day.

Cute kitty photo.