07 November 2011

John Sandford's Certain Prey

In retrospect, reading the entire book the day the TV movie aired may have been a mistake. I think it was too fresh in my mind, so therefore the details they got wrong were too obvious to me. My watching companions seemed to get lots of enjoyment out of it. The general consensus is this: Mark Harmon is not sexy enough to play Lucas, nor did he play the character with the appropriate swagger/cockiness. Instead, he played it a bit jokey. Not quite right, but still good. Also, at her first appearance on the screen, we all exclaimed "That is NOT Marcy," but she grew on us in the end. I mean, the looks are all wrong, but the character itself was pretty spot on. And one small thing - why didn't they let Carmel have a bright-red Jag like in the book? The blue one just didn't have the same pop. Despite all that, I'd say that, all in all, it was a quite excellent TV movie that I would recommend even to non-John Sandford fans.

As for today... it started off on the wrong foot - the alarm clock did not go off like it was supposed to. Andy was a half hour late to work and I had to cancel my planned trip to the gym. But after that, I kept busy at work, and we had some business partners in from Chicago for a meeting and a trip out to dinner. We went to the relatively new Pittsburgh Blue. It did not disappoint - seriously delicious. Plus, Calvin REALLY likes the bag they gave me for the leftovers:

Everyone loves Cat-in-a-Bag.


Mom said...

Great Cat-in-a-Bag photo!!
I agree with your review of the Sanford movie, but would add that at that time in Lucas's life, he did not have completely gray hair. Too old AND not cocky or sexy enough. Blue eyes and smart, though.

Santini said...

I think a younger Mark Harmon might have been good -- he's gotten a little stockier in recent years, which doesn't fit with Lucas. Though Lucas isn't a kid in that book. But Lucas is tall and lean and hungry looking, in my mind, at least. I believe Harmon's not the right personality, but I really can't buy that he isn't sexy enough. Mark Harmon? Not sexy enough?

Emily said...

Mom - EMSA (Andy) took the Cat-in-a-Bag photo and I agree, it's excellent. And impressive that he managed to catch Calvin not-in-motion for long enough to get it.

Gino said...

Excellent bag for astronaut training. A good strong handle.