06 November 2011

Lazier Sunday

I love the daylight savings switch-over in the fall. A perfect excuse to sleep in without actually losing any time. Lovely. Plus, it's a Sunday - a day made for relaxation and laziness.

Compared to today, my day yesterday was positively jam-packed. Since that movie is on tonight, I decided after breakfast that it would be a good idea to get at least part of Certain Prey re-read, so I could remind myself of the basic plot points, character descriptions, etc. So that's what I started to do. Around 11, Andy biked over to his brother's house to give Brad his birthday present. I was still reading. Andy returned around 12:30 and made some lunch for us both. Still reading.

And now, here we are at 4:30 or so and I have just finished the entire book. Apparently I got sucked in. It is the first Clara Rinker book, with Carmel Loan and her blood red Jaguar. Sandford and Davenport at their finest, I think. At least now the plot is fresh in my mind for the movie tonight? I can't tell if that means I'll be more or less disappointed in the final result. I guess we'll see!

And now, the cat photo of the day. Calvin as I left him about 5 minutes ago, enjoying a cat nap:

I hope everyone else had as nice a weekend as I have had. Enjoy the film tonight - I expect some commentary tomorrow!

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Retired Professor said...

The movie doesn't start until 9 pm here, which until today was 10 pm. Too late for me -- I see it will be on again on Dec.3 in the afternoon. I look forward to hearing your review.

Sounds like a pretty mellow weekend.