05 November 2011

Lazy Saturday

For the first time in a long time, possibly since July, I had absolutely no specific plans this weekend. I can't tell you how happy that makes me, particularly when coupled with my day off yesterday. I decided to take full advantage and not too anything too terribly stressful.

With that in mind, we had a leisurely breakfast this morning, read the paper, and played with the kitten. I mosey-ed on over to the gym for a Yoga class that started at 11, my first scheduled event of the day. The yoga was excellent - I like the teacher at this new gym. I think I'll make the 11am Saturday class a regular thing. My other big plans for the day? Epically large amounts of laundry. We packed it all up and headed to the local laundromat with reading material and plenty of quarters:

We do have laundry in our building, but there is only one washer and one dryer for the 5 apartments. I decided doing 4 loads all at the same time was worth the extra 75 cents per load. Or was it 5 loads? Well, all of those silver machines were mine, for sure. And I think it was 6 loads, now that I think back on it. We also did all our sheets and towels etc. Laundry has never been so efficient.

From there, an afternoon of laziness and being entertained by Calvin. Here he is with his second favorite toy, a scratching post:

Tomorrow I think I'll be equally as non-occupied. My big plans? Watching the John Sandford movie on the USA Network. It's Certain Prey, one of my favorites! I hope they don't butcher it too badly.

More tomorrow... Side note to Santini - Nikki got some nice boots. I heartily approve.


Mom said...

Mark Harmon as Lucas? I can't see it. But he was great on West Wing. Hmm, I may have to watch, too.
Sounds like you had a nice (not that lazy) day.

Santini said...

"The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie?" Murder mystery?

I told Nikki that you approved of her boots. She smiled. She has plans to wear them today -- with leggings. Not an item of clothing that I own. Or likely ever will.

Emily said...

Mom - we don't have cable so we were planning to watch it at your place, if you don't mind?

Santini - yep, a murder mystery. It has lots of potential so far.