27 November 2011

A Muppet Movie

When I was a kid, there were two puppet-themed entertainment options that were a huge part of my TV watching repertoire. The first was, of course, Fraggle Rock - we had most of the episodes on tape, since it was on during nap time. I watched them over and over again. So, when the DVDs came out last year, I was SO excited to have access to them again (my VCR has long since stopped working, and what's the point of getting a new one?).

The second puppet-related thing was The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Mahattan. They were both the kind of movie that I could watch over and over again, particularly if I was home sick from school. The adventures of Kermit and his gang never failed to entertain. So, when I heard they were making a new Muppet movie, I was pretty darn excited. Then I heard it was going to involve an actor I really like, and one of the guys from Flight of the Concords. Where do I sign-up? All this to say that Andy and I went to see the movie today. It did not disappoint, not one bit. I expected to like it because of the nostalgia factor, but Andy and I decided it was actually good on it's own merits. Yay! Here's the trailer for everyone to enjoy:

*Sigh* I still really love the Muppets. More clips available here on YouTube if you want to check it out.

Calvin was happy to see us when we got home. He's been so spoiled the past 5 days - his people have been here ALL the time.


Mom said...

I'm so glad you both liked it and now I really want to go! Fun clip and cute kitty.

Gino said...

Fraggle Rock was on in the morning while you and your mother were still in bed. I had to get up earlier than either of you in order to make it to work early enough so that I would be off in time to pick you up at Pat's within the time frame that was what Pat wanted.

Every day I got out of bed, turned on the TV to HBO, started the VCR and went about the business of preparing for work. I would come up from taking my shower usually as the Fraggle Rock episode was wrapping up.

Dance your cares away,
Worries for another day,
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.
Down at Fraggle Rock.