16 November 2011

New Hair Cut

Around about the time I was 6 years old, the woman who had been cutting my hair my whole life up to that point, as well as my mom's hair, left the salon and moved away. We were forced to find someone else to cut our hair. My dad, a patron of the same salon, suggested to my mom that we try his stylist, a new-ish girl named Terri.  We owe dad for that suggestion - I went to get my hair cut today, and it was Terri as usual, as it has been for the last 22 years. I think since I was 6 only maybe 3 hair cuts have not been done by her, and one of them was while I was living in France. Needless to say, I have complete faith in her at this point. Plus, it's kind of fun to chat with someone who has known me my whole life, and who knows my parents. We always have lots of stories to share. It's amazing how much our lives have changed since then. I wonder if I make her feel old? She must be at least in her 40s at this point, but she certainly doesn't look it.

So here is the result of today's hair cut (with Calvin, as a blog post is not complete without a cat photo):

Nothing too radically different, just a bit of a trim. But it was nice to catch up with Terri, with a bonus pre-hair cut stop over at Chez GZMoohoo. TOPWLT was not present, but I left her a little something for when she gets home. All in all, an excellent work-night evening.


Mom said...

Chris was the first stylist. Terri knows a lot about us, doesn't she?! I never thought about that before.
I am going to get my hair cut from her this weekend and we'll talk about that.
Do you know who gave you your first haircut EVER? Hint: I have pictures and a lock of hair and her mother's name is Grace.
I love the picture of you and Calvin and am going to put it up on my FB page.

Mom said...

PS I like the flags. Thanks! I will use them in the morning as I am feedbacking.

Santini said...

You're beautiful, as always. The haircut helps, of course.

I've been going to the same hairdresser since OSLO was still in high school. Jennifer. She knows -- and remembers -- stuff that surprises me sometimes. Near the end of my radiation treatments I had an appointment with her and commented that I was not happy with myself for my attitude at that point. She told me that I always get whiney when I'm tired. She informed me that it was the big lesson that I'd learned from TRAM one, and she'd even passed it on to her father, because she thought it was so funny. She's right, it's true, but I had forgotten that little piece of my own history. My point? Terri probably knows stuff about you (and your folks) that you've forgotten. Good story, good post.