20 November 2011

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

So remember all that pontificating I did yesterday about being happy I had gone to the Farmer's Market one last time before the snow fell? That turned out to be very apropos. About an hour or two after I posted, the snow arrived. Fortunately, I was at the mall with my Michigan coworker, and man do they do their decorations right:

They've got two of those giant trees in the rotunda there. Super awesome. Bill was suitably impressed by the mall - we walked through what is now Nickelodean Universe and every once and a while he'd exclaim "There's a roller coaster IN THE MALL! Who thinks of that?" It was pretty fun to experience with a newby. I take all that stuff for granted. But really, he's right - who puts a roller coaster (much less THREE of them) in a mall?

It continued to snow through the early evening yesterday - the roads got really slick and this is what I woke up to this morning:

Can I once again note how HAPPY I am that the new apartment has a garage? It's already 100% worth it after only one snow fall. :-) It seemed like a good day to sit inside and do not much of anything. So that's what I did - I finished the newest Sandford book, got lots of laundry done, and spent some serious quality time with the cat napping on my lap. An almost perfect winter Sunday. 

P.S. - We got Calvin his Christmas present at Target today. Don't tell him - it's going to be a surprise: 


Mom said...

Calvin with his eyes closed, looking so calm. I've never seen him that way! I won't tell him about the stocking (cute!).
Enjoy your two-day week. I'm looking forward to making cranberry bread Wed.

Santini said...

Too soon, too soon. (The white stuff.)