17 November 2011

Our Chosen Local Liquor Store

Or Party Store, for those of you reading this from Michigan. When we moved into this apartment, after we had found places for all the furniture etc, one of our next steps was to decide which liquor store in the vicinity was going to be "our" liquor store. Andy is a bit of a beer snob, you see, so not just any liquor store would do. They had to have a good beer selection. This is where we ended up:

Photo courtesy of Flickr user EC Leatherberry.

It is at the intersection of University Ave and Raymond. As has been reported elsewhere in our family blogosphere, that intersection has been severely disrupted by light rail construction, which you can see in this photo. That was part of the reason Andy decided to start going there - he is all about supporting Light Rail adjacent businesses so that they are still around when the (totally awesome) train is up and running. Another reason we like it? There is a US Bank across the street and the good people at Sharret's go there and get $2  bills to give people as change, just as a matter of course. I am perhaps more amused by this than Andy is. Plus, you know, they do have a good beer selection. But mostly, I am going for the $2 bills. I've been collecting them since I was a kid. 

We went tonight (no good photo opportunities) because it is Beaujolais Nouveau release day! We bought some, to be enjoyed semi-pretentiously sometime this weekend. Should be fun!

And now, the reason we're all here - the cute kitten picture of the day:


Mom said...

That last line made me LOL. It is a cute picture (of both Calvin and Andy).
I have been to that liquor store many times over the years.
Fun post. BTW, did you read all the comments on FB about that picture of you and Calvin?

brad said...

The cat doesn't care for Andrew.

Emily said...

Brad - Hahahaha, sure he doesn't. That's like saying Andy doesn't care for the cat. :-)