23 November 2011

Plumbing Repairs

The toilet in our bathroom had been flushing/filling really slowly and the water would sometimes run for up to 15 minutes before stopping, and then randomly start up again later. After putting up with this for a few weeks, we finally broke down and called our apartment management people. I can officially say that today is a GREAT day to be a renter:

This looks like it would have been mighty expensive if we'd needed to pay for it ourselves.

The guy got here at 8:45ish or so. I left to go have lunch with my mom and Andy called at 12:30 or so to report that it was finally fixed. It only took two trips to the hardware store and quite a bit of sawing. Did I mention that it's a good day to be a renter?

Calvin spent the time the repair guy was here in the living room, mostly looking just like this:

He's so adorable. :-)

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Allyson Moschella said...

It’s a good thing you reported this problem immediately to the apartment management. You are lucky because you are just renting it, and you don’t have to pay for the repair. Otherwise, you would have had to cover the repair costs! You can breathe a sigh of relief there!