02 November 2011

Calvin's First Halloween

So did you hear that we got a kitten? Andy still declares that day to be his "best birthday ever." Given that he's had 28 previous to that one, it is not an insignificant statement. Calvin has been taking up most of our non-work time lately. He is also generally the main topic of most of Andy's conversations. So really, we're happy with the cat.

Calvin is a black cat, so I got all sorts of Halloween related questions - was I going to dress him up, did we have a pumpkin for him to sit in, etc...? I figured since he's already black, no costume was required. Plus, forcing a squirmy kitten into a costume was probably not going to be an injury-free experience for Andy and I since he does still have all his claws. Instead, I picked up a simple Halloween decoration from the dollar bin at Target and we did our best to get a good photo. So here's Calvin on his first Halloween:

See what I mean about squirmy? He just would not sit still for any of our photos - it was the middle of one of his hyper active periods. Silly kitten.

How was everyone else's Halloween?


Retired Professor said...

Calvin is a great name for a kitten. It is forever linked to "HOPE" in my mind, as in the great Hope-Calvin rivalry of the NCAA division 3 basketball fame. In an ironic twist, Calvin's colors are black and yellow. (Calvin the school, not Calvin the cat, but then, you knew that.)

Mom said...

Cute! I like Andy's expression and the kitty's obvious squirminess. I expect more pictures of Calvin, perhaps one when he is purring.