19 November 2011

St. Paul Farmer's Market

One of the things I really like about living in St. Paul is the Downtown St. Paul Farmer's Market. Andy and I go fairly often - we just walk down a few blocks to catch a bus that takes us right there. It's a great Saturday morning activity. Today we ventured out for probably the last time before the snow falls. As you can see, everyone was bundled up appropriately:

In addition to the somewhat limited selection of fruits (mostly just apples) and vegetables (potatoes... lots of potatoes), there were also a lot of holiday-themed home decorations for sale. These were my favorite:

Granted, we can't really ever have those in our house - Calvin would have a field day, and a lot of the stuff in those decorations is not good for cats.

It was chilly but it was nice to see that quite a few of the vendors were still around. The market even runs in the winter, although it's mostly just meat, cheese, and eggs at that point.

I don't know if I'll be brave enough to go once there is snow on the ground, but I was glad to get in one last trip before it really is winter time.

And now, cute kitten photo of the day:

Calvin and I, enjoying some quiet time. I am almost finished with the most recent Sandford, and Calvin wanted a nap.


Santini said...

Ah, root vegetables. I see some unfamiliar things that look like pale carrots.

Emily said...

I believe those are parsnips... but I could be wrong. Have been before.