04 November 2011

A Trip to the Vet

We started out our day (that we both had off of work) with a trip to the vet for Calvin. He needed a vaccine booster shot. It went much, much better than last time - aside from meowing at us in the car, there was no complaining at all! He even got a nice treat from the vet for being so good. :-) Maybe he won't complain so much next time we're on our way there?

After a quick trip to the gym to work out, I headed down to Bloomington to see my grandparents for some lunch and cards.
Mom, counting the cards to make sure we had the required 52.

Me, dealing a rousing round of Oh Heck for all of us.
We played several rounds of Oh Heck, a family favorite. Grandpa won one of the rounds with a score one point more than his age. It was impressive. A good time was had by all.

From there, I headed on over to MoA (Mall of America - not to be confused with MoK, or Mirror of Korea) to meet Andy. Ecco, his favorite shoe brand, opened a store there today so we had to check it out. I am thinking of getting these boots in black - what does everyone think?

We also rode a few rides:

One of the newer rides at what is now dubbed Nickelodeon Universe.
It was super fun! After a dinner outing, we're back at home to hang out with the kitten and perhaps catch up on some more Mad Men. We're finally on season 3. Only one more to go and we'll be all caught up!

And now, today's requisite kitten photo:

My guys, getting ready to take a nap.


mom said...

Great post and pictures! It sounds like a wonderful day and I am so glad I got to be part of it. The MOA segment does sound super fun.
About the boots: I have a pair similar to these with the three buckles. I like them but now and then the hem of a skirt gets caught on a buckle and it is annoying (and bad for the hem).
I am about to finally play some Words with Friends, so stay tuned.

Santini said...

Nice to see Bud and Opal -- they look good!

I do like the boots. Very cool with jeans.

Retired Professor said...

You motivated us to go boot shopping. Nikki got some neat long boots to wear with skinny jeans or leggings.