24 November 2011

A Warm Thanksgiving

Today in the Saintly City we almost hit a record high temp for this particular day in November. As a comparison, here is what it looked like last year on Thanksgiving:

This year was definitely an improvement at least in terms of weather, even if the P.S. Ter could not join us. We thought fondly of her over in Norway (NORWAY!). The Thanksgiving prep started yesterday, with Mom and I making the traditional family cranberry bread:

Then today we headed over to Jim's house, where two other chefs were hard at work:

That's a seriously good looking turkey. The beans were also quite excellent.

We ate, we went for a walk, we came back and had some pie... A perfect Thanksgiving, all in all. The weather was just an added bonus.

I think Calvin missed me while I was gone though...

Then again, maybe not...

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Santini said...

It looks like good food and a good time. Traditions.