13 November 2011


Andy and I joined a new gym when we moved to St. Paul, and I have been enjoying going to the yoga class on Saturday's at 11. So yesterday, that is exactly what I did. It was a good class as always and it seems like I'm making progress. However, it seems I went a little too far - about 2 hours later, my back started to hurt. It still does, unfortunately, so we went to the doctor today. I've got some muscle relaxants and pain killers, so I should be all right. Note to self: don't over do it at yoga. Ouch.

Since that trip to urgent care took up most of my afternoon, I am just not going to have much blog-able material today. Mom did come over for a lovely lunch (and to drop off a heating pad) but it was not a particularly photogenic moment. So instead, yet another video of Calvin - this time with musical accompaniment!

I'm telling you, YouTube stardom is obviously not too far away. Andy and I are formulating a plan.


Mom said...

I an laughing out loud and I just said "ah . . ." to myself. That is a really cute video and I agree: Calvin could be a star. You should post this one.
I enjoyed the lunch very much and I am quite happy that you went to urgent care. Ibu was not working.

Santini said...

Back pain is pretty miserable stuff. Take care of yourself.

Daughter of Norway said...

Once again, great dramatic music. From Gladiator or LotR?

Emily said...

DoN - It's Pirates of the Caribbean, actually. Gladiator also would have been excellent, I'm sure.