04 December 2011

One More Thanksgiving

As we do every year, the extended Miller family got together yesterday for our Thanksgiving pizza party. It was  a slightly abbreviated group (I wasn't relegated to the kids' table), but I believe a good time was had by all:

The snow storm that was going on while we were there couldn't even dissuade us from some holiday cheer. Today, we woke up to a winter wonderland of sorts. Andy and I decided it would be a great opportunity to go the free ice rink near the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul:

We had the place to ourselves as we got there right when it opened. Even when we were ready to leave, there were only about 10 other people. It was super fun!

And now, since a blog post wouldn't be complete without it, a photo of Calvin:

He's cute. I think I may have been playing Angry Birds.


Santini said...

That looks like pretty good representation, though you (and Andy) were the only members of your generation that I could see.

It was always fun to watch you skate.

Santini said...

Ooops. I missed Adam R. A good chance that Adam M. was there as well? Sorry to have missed it. My best to Calvin.

Mom said...

Thanksgiving pie party! Outdoor skating! Calvin! Life is good.

Emily said...

Adam M and Ying had a prior commitment, unfortunately. They were missed, as was the Daughter of Norway.

The pie almost made up for all that. Ok, not really, but who doesn't love pie?

Santini said...

Well, Nikki and TJ. Though I make a really awful chocolate pie that they like. It's a start.