11 February 2012

A Calvin Update

I have been neglecting this blog for too long, my apologies to my loyal readers. The problem is that post-Christmas, there wasn't a huge amount of bloggable material. Mostly, I've been taking a lot of photos of the cat. So here's an update on the cutest person in our apartment.

With Andy, who is wearing one of his favorite Christmas gifts from his mom.

Swatting at a toy just off screen.

He wanted to hang out with me while I was getting ready for work in the morning.

"Emily, what are you doing? What's that dangly string?"

He's getting so big! And today is his 6 month birthday. Happy Birthday, Calvin! In other news, I'll be headed to Miami next week for work and the annual boat show. I am looking forward to some warmth. It's about 3 degrees right now. Brr.


Mom said...

Cute. I especially like the one of Calvin leaning on the sink. You do know he is not a person, though, right?! I loved the Google+ album, too.

Santini said...

Chuckle. Cutest person in the apartment .... held by EMSA. Nice one.

EMSA is a Detroit Tigers fan? Big cats.

Emily Miller said...

Santini - He did live in Michigan until he was 8 so yes, Andy is a Detroit fan... particularly when our local teams are as bad as they are right now.

Santini said...

BTW -- Hope beat Calvin last night (Saturday) in that long running basketball rivalry. Don't know why I felt you needed to know that.

Emily Miller said...

Calvin news of all kinds is good with me... even if they did lose.

Anonymous said...

Cute cat. Reminds of my cat Panther when I was growing up.