24 November 2012

1996 Ford Taurus

My grandfather just celebrated both his 70th wedding anniversary and his 92nd birthday. For a guy with that many years under his belt, he is in phenomenal health. However, for an average person... perhaps not so much. His children recently made the very wise (and perhaps tardy) decision to tell him that he really shouldn't be driving anymore. He is taking it surprisingly well - they are giving up their underground, heated garage space as of the end of the month and Andy and I volunteered to act as used-car brokers. So today I went over there to take some photos of their beloved vehicle, a 1996 Ford Taurus with only 91,000 miles on it:

Parked in the aforementioned underground parking space, where they've kept it for the last decade.

In the out-of-doors, from the other side. It's in amazingly good shape.

The pristine interior. Grandpa Bud always took excellent care of his cars.

He took it for his final drive today - out of the garage to the parking lot for photos and then back into the garage to stay parked until we move it on December 1st. I plan to post an online ad late this week and I don't think we'll have any trouble selling it. Any takers out there in the blogosphere?

And now, the Calvin photo of the day:

He does love his Purrrniture.


Retired Professor said...

You're an excellent granddaughter. (And I know a thing or two about excellent granddaughters.)

Jimi said...

Very nice wheels. And very low mileage for a 16 year old car. I have tennis rackets with more miles than that.