04 November 2012

70 Years

Last week at this time, Andy and I were on our way to Eden Prairie... why the EP, you might ask? The Elvecrog family was getting together to celebrate the 70th (70!) wedding anniversary of my dear grandparents, Opal and Bud. It amazes me that they have been together for that long... I would have to get married tomorrow (ha!) and live to be 99. Not happening, clearly. Anyway, here's the only photo I managed to take of the event:


Not perhaps the best or most flattering picture, but the lovely couple are at least in it. It was really fun to see the whole family and the occasion was definitely worth some celebrating.

This weekend was much more low-key. We had a bonfire last night in the fire pit in our backyard - a first for the new house! It was a perfect night for it and the blaze definitely kept the cold away:


Today was spent running house related errands. We stopped by Andy's parents' place to return a leaf blower (because we are done with raking, YAY!!) and then on our way back stopped Chez Gzmoohoo to borrow their lawnmower. GZ himself made an appearance just as we were leaving.

Looks like it was almost too cold for biking today. Key word there is almost. He was definitely dressed appropriately. Finally, our last stop of the day was at the grocery store to pick up some essentials. And perhaps a few non-essential items too:

All-in-all it was a good day but we have not spent enough time with Calvin. I'll be remedying that shortly, because come on - look at that face!

Sitting in his favorite chair. 


Retired Professor said...

70 years! That's a really rare milestone.

Mom said...

Sorry I missed you. Glad you borrowed my favorite lawn mower of all time. Yay to no more raking! (Are you sure?)

Jimi said...

Congrats to the oldsters. 70 years is no small accomplishment.