10 November 2012

A Baby Shower

This is a weekend of baby showers for me. The first of two took place today - my cousin Mary (readers, most of you know her as Katie) is expecting a baby in January. So my mom and I headed over to Mary and Ryan's brand new house in Cottage Grove this afternoon to celebrate the coming arrival of a brand new member of our family. The gifts were a bit excessive, although having recently purchased gifts for two showers, I can understand the compulsion to buy oh so super cute baby things:


Their new house is gorgeous and somewhat massive. I think my entire house would fit on their first floor. But it suits them, I think, particularly as they got to pick out all the details before construction even started. As part of the shower, we all got to decorate either a onesie or a bib for Baby Leppi (they have chosen not to find out the gender beforehand). Here are some of them on display:


My mom made this one in the middle, which I thought was particularly clever:


My absolute favorite did not make it into the picture though - it was a bib that said "These fools put my cape on backwards." Anyway, I think a good time was had by all. There were excellent snacks and it was nice to see that part of the family on a non-Holiday occasion. Calvin and Andy were waiting patiently for me when I got home:



Santini said...

It looks like fun. Great photos, too.

(Your Flickr photos are private, so I can't click on them to enlarge them. Which is fine, just wanted to be sure you knew.)

Mom said...

I'm glad you took a few pictures. I can't enlarge them either and I'd like to. What's up?