15 November 2012

A Typical Evening at Home

It's officially the half way point of our month-long blogging adventure, and this is usually the point at which I hit the wall in terms of blogging ideas. Anyone else? Particularly during the work week, I just don't have a lot of blog-worthy material. Such is life. That's why NaBloPoMo is a challenge.

Today was one of those days where I just went through the day and nothing particular of note happened. Went to work, went to the gym, and then home for a typical evening. Andy made one of his signature dishes - a non-fried Sesame Chicken dish that is quite excellent. I may have to post it to the food blog at some point. I'll just take photos of Andy while he's cooking. That wouldn't be weird, right?

Calvin tried to help read the cook book:


He was more of a hindrance than a help but he's so cute we just couldn't bring ourselves to mind all that much. 

Note to readers: In my mind, the made up word "hondaramic" means futuristic, flashy, and just too cool for words. Other members of my immediate family may want to chime in with their definitions. I thought it was a real word for much, much longer than I should have. High school even, maybe. Thanks, silly Dad.


Retired Professor said...

I Googled it, to no avail.

A cat who reads?

Jimi said...

I think you have hondaramic pretty well defined, even if Webster's big dictionary hasn't yet heard of it.

Mom said...

Hmm. Hondaramic could become a neologism if we can spread the word. Unfortunately, I think only a very small population knows of it. It is a great word, though. I hope GZ will weigh in on its derivation.
Speaking of words, remember when you used my favorite word plethora (a REAL word) in junior high and no one else knew what it meant?

Mom said...

PS Calvin is so cute.

Retired Professor said...

But -- it has to be said -- he's on the table.

Emily Miller said...

RP - We choose our battles as to when he can and cannot be on the table. At that particular moment, he wasn't hurting anything and it was keeping him away from the food prep that was going on in the kitchen. Seemed best to leave him there.

Mom - I do remember that. I was a bit surprised because hasn't everyone seen The Three Amigos?

Santini said...

I also would like to vote "yes" on the cooking post for a non fried sesame chicken.

Gino said...

Pretty good definition. As you know I do not necessarily subscribe to the idea that words can be "defined" by describing their meanings with other words. True definition comes from usage and context but "too cool for words" fits well as an approximation of what hondaramic means and as further evidence that what is hondaramic cannot actually be described in words.

It might have been Sid or it might have been Wheelhorse who coined the word (actually I think Horse) but it was definitely at their place at 1544 where widespread use and the context of what else was going on there made the word into a word.

And silly is high praise where I come from.